Sharepoint - insight and certainly

Insight and security

A large number of partners work together in the realization of a new horticultural project. It is important that all those concerned are well-informed and always know the latest changes in the project plan.

Correctly informed

Hortilife works with Microsoft Sharepoint. This online platform makes it possible to share all project files and other information. For example, the chain partners involved always work with the latest data and it always provides the customer  the best insight into the status of the project. All the latest construction drawings are available online at all times. Sharepoint prevents errors, increases process efficiency and gives both investors and all parties involved, insight into the actual state of affairs.

Air & Energy System

Air & Energy System is a well-designed total ventilation concept with top quality, proven technology in a setting that is kept as simple and as effective as possible. So Air & Energy delivers both extreme energy efficiency and absolute reliability!

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