Innovation; the future

New technologies are indispensable to be more sustainable, safer and cost effective. Hortilife follows developments in horticulture and integrates the latest insights into cultivation and automation.

Saving energy

An example of recent innovation is the Air & Energy system. This new approach makes it possible to optimize the climate efficiently. By installing air ventilation ducts under the crop in combination with heat recovery on the gable, a more uniform temperature distribution is realized with less energy. The crop grows better and production goes up. At the same time, energy is saved and energy costs decrease. Hortilife, together with Dutch engineers, implements this modern system for climate control. 

Big data and logistics

Innovative logistics solutions increase the efficiency of business operations. Hortilife, in collaboration with Dutch experts, develops tailor-made solutions for automated crop care, harvesting, packaging and transportation. Monitoring the logistics  delivers large amounts of data. Based on this, smart software can further optimize scheduling thanks to path registration, tracking and tracing and monitoring. The capacity of staff and equipment can be used better, resulting in a higher return on your horticultural project.

Irrigation Unit

We are also able to provide clients with the design, delivery and installation of any equipment required as a turnkey

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